Jeff Rotmeyer,  Founder and Director 

Jeff founded LOVE 21 Foundation because he saw a great need for higher expectations and emphasis put on health and nutrition for the Down syndrome and autistic community in Hong Kong. He is passionate about creating a community that is focussed on improving their health and fitness while having fun with friends.

Jeff 是LOVE 21 Foundation的創辦人,他創辦的這個機構是因為他看見香港唐氏綜合症及自閉症的社群在健康及營養方面有很高的期望和需求。他期望並積極建立一個能夠提升健康及體魄之餘並能與同伴分享快樂時光的社區。


Sally Poon,  Dietician

Sally is passionate about promoting balanced eating and has been interviewed by the media extensively. As well as seeing clients privately, Sally is now a part-time dietitian at Hong Kong Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, as well as an affiliate dietetic consultant at ADEC Medical Alliance and Sacred Heart Oncologists Cancer Centre. She is currently the Chairman of Hong Kong Practising Dietitians Union and a committee member of the Child Nutrition Advisory Group. 


Sally Shi-po POON, Registered Dietitian (UK), Accredited Practising Dietitian (Australia), BSc Nutrition (King’s College, London), Master of Nutrition & Dietetics, (The University of Sydney, Australia), Sports Nutrition (HKUSPACE)

潘仕寶小姐, 英國註冊營養師, 澳洲註冊營養師, 倫敦英皇書院營養學學士, 澳洲悉尼大學營養治療學碩士, 香港大學專業進修學院 運動營養學


Chef Tarek Alali

I find myself standing in the kitchen and can barely contain my excitement - food is my blank canvas and I am ready to paint the world green !

My food philosophy is simple. I try to get the vegetables and spices from as close to its origin as I can. I’ll pick it up from the soil and clean it myself if I have to!

I start by selecting the right ingredients in the right season, free of chemicals, hormones and all extraneous things that were never meant to be in the soil, then prepare it with the utmost care. I preserve their optimal color, nutrition and flavour – a carrot is not just a carrot – its going to be the best carrot you have ever eaten – its all about the original flavor and nothing else !

As a young boy I grew up on a 10 hectare farm. My grandfather grew all kind of vegetables and he would take mewith him in the morning to pick the vegetables for that day’s meals. “Organic” food is what I grew up on and believe me when I say, I still have that fresh tomato vine aroma in my nose every time I talk about it.

Cooking should have no food coloring, preservatives or additives to enhance flavor. I cook like my great grandfathers did. I enhance the vegetables by understanding how to extract its natural flavor and to bring it out for you to experience in all its natural vibrant colours and fragrances.

I am extremely excited to work hand in hand with Love 21 Foundation in teaching its' members the importance of eating well and how delicious nutritious food can be! 



Hilda is a certified public accountant with over 10 years of work experience at a big 4 accounting firm in New York and Hong Kong. She has recently joined a fast growing insurance company as Director of internal audit, providing consulting advice and support to large existing and green field operations in Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.  Hilda is also a member of the Zonta club, a service organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy.