Hiking for Life


Hiking is the perfect exercise in Hong Kong. This year's hiking programme will be a fun class where we explore different hiking locations in Hong Kong, get out in nature and improve our health.

We aim to make the hikes between two to three hours in length. We will work as a team to motivate each other to the top!

Hiking Leader

Matthew Drysdale has been a dedicated volunteer with Love 21 Foundation from day one, and has worked with the Down syndrome and autistic community for over seven years. 

He is excited to explore beautiful and somewhat challenging hikes throughout Hong Kong.




Matthew Drysdale是從 Love 21 Foundation成立以來的忠實義工。他在唐氏綜合症及自閉症的社群工作超過七年。他為能夠探索美麗的香港及一些有挑戰性的遠足路徑感到興奮。