LOVE 21 Foundation is a charity dedicated to bettering the lives of those living with Down syndrome and autism in Hong Kong through physical activity and nutrition. This year we will be running a variety of sport and exercise classes, and will begin our new health and nutrition programme. We believe that so much can be achieved through a healthy diet and exercise and LOVE 21 Foundation is very excited about what’s to come.

Love 21 Foundation 是一個慈善組織透過體能活動及從營養方面協助香港唐氏綜合症及自閉症患者。本年度將會舉辦一系列嶄新的健康及營養活動。我們相信健康的飲食及運動能夠使參加者獲益良多。 Love 21 Foundation 對於即將舉辦的活動熱切期待!

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What's NEW!

Two weeks from now, LOVE 21 will have a total of 7 different types of health classes!! 

We are adding dance, trampoline, fitness and surfing to our fun and healthy weekday calendar!

This will allow us to invite more children and young adults with Down syndrome and autism to join us!! 

I'm hoping by the start of June, that we'll be supporting 50 families!! 

The future for LOVE 21 looks very bright!! ❤️


Macau 2017

Our first LOVE 21 Foundation go away trip was simply put, amazing!! 

50 children, parents and volunteers spent two fun filled nights at a charming hotel on the quiet side of Macau.   

We danced, swam, exercised and ate delicious meals!   

We were also able to introduce our new programmes and announce the direction that LOVE 21 will take in the coming year.  

We are all very excited! 

Macau was incredible and we can't wait to go again! 

The pictures speak for themselves!! ❤️

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Members of the MONTH!

All of our members are incredible!! 

This section is for you to get to know us a little better. 

Check out our three Members of the Month!