Members of the Month - September!

Get to know us better!

Meet Rooney! 

Can you guess who his favourite football player is? 

Rooney loves his football!! However he's really showing his versatility and passion for all sports, as he is participating in all but one of our eight active classes! 

Rooney always brings such a friendly and loving warmth to every activity! He is the perfect friend,  always encouraging and cheering on his teammates.  

We are very lucky to have Rooney on our team.  He's really working so hard in every class! We all know that this is going to be a great year for Rooney!! 


Meet Lai Yee! 

Lai Yee is easy to find on the hiking trails of Hong Kong, just listen for her contagious laughter and look for her bright smile! 

Yoga and dance are her favourites but she's always up to try something new, she's even becoming a skilled footballer!

Lai Yee spends her weekends dancing and “Bouncing” with her Love 21 pals, and on Sunday afternoons you can find the yoga princess chilling in Chair Pose at the Hong Kong waterfront.

We’re so glad that Lai Yee joined the Love 21 Foundation and we’re looking forward to many more fun days!



Meet Raymond! 

Raymond is the joker in the pack! 

Passionate and dedicated to the activities, he loves winding up his teammates (and coaches) especially on the soccer field! 

Raymond is a really well rounded athlete playing many sports including golf, trampoline and surfing! 

Raymond also has a real warm, friendly and engaging personality and shows great commitment to everything he's a part of.