Sunset Stretch

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In our second year of Sunset Stretch, we aim to continue working on introductory stretching poses and balance. Stretching is a wonderful activity for improving posture, and releasing tension around shoulders and hip joints. The focus is on love & heath to create tighter bonds between families and encourages healthy lifestyle. 

Bernice Tong leads the love 21 stretching sessions, slowing us down in this busy city. Bernice was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and moved back to Hong Kong two years ago. She completed her 200hr  teacher training last year and has been teaching as a hobby ever since. She hopes that stretching can help and inspire those around her in their daily lives.

Jakeline Ka is a freelance teacher in hong kong. She loves to share her experience & knowledge with as many people as possible. She strongly believes in the power of exercise and believes that everyone can benefit from it. Jakeline has completed a 200 hour Teacher Training Course and her Advanced  Teacher Training level 1 and 2.


Bernice Tong負責帶領Love 21 瑜伽環節,協助我們在這繁忙的城市放慢腳步。Bernice在加拿大多倫多出生及成長,兩年前回港定居。她在去年完成了200小時瑜伽導師訓練,並開始以教授瑜伽作為興趣。她希望瑜伽能夠幫助並啓發她身邊的人的日常生活。

Jakeline Ka 是香港以為瑜伽導師。她熱愛分享她的瑜伽經驗予更多的人。她相信瑜伽的能量能讓人得益。Jakeline完成了200小時瑜伽導師訓練及哈達瑜伽進階導師訓練一級及二級。

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