Women's Football Forward


This will be the first year of Women's Football Forward. Our participants will be taught basic skills in dribbling, passing and shooting. A strong emphasis will be placed on coordination and fitness.

The sessions will be fun and will always conclude with a game.

Classes are taught in English with Cantonese translation.

Head Coach

Jeff Rotmeyer will be the Head Coach for Football Forward. He comes from Vancouver, Canada, and has lived in Hong Kong for 11 years. Jeff has had 9 years of experience in coaching football to children with Down syndrome and autism and has played football his whole life. Jeff tries to create high energy training sessions with challenging drills and fun activities.

這是第一年舉辦女子足球前鋒。學員將學習運球,傳球和投籃等基本功。 訓練的重點放在協調和體能鍛鍊。訓練有趣並以遊戲作結。



Jeff Rotmeyer 是足球前鋒的主教練。來自加拿大溫哥華的Jeff 在香港定居11年, 擁有九年教授唐氏綜合症及自閉症兒童足球的經驗。Jeff設計的訓練包括高能量鍛鍊及挑戰性訓練同時配合有趣的活動。